Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last Meeting & Awards Dinner!

Congratulations for the VSA @ USC for placing 3rd at this year's uVSA Olympics! Good job everyone!

Our last meeting, which will also be our Awards Dinner, will be this Sunday, April 26th @ 7pm. It will take place at Long's house. We will be electing our new officers, giving out awards to deserving members, and enjoying our last meal and social together before the year ends. Please come spend this last night with everyone!

Long's House
1527 Cleveland St.
Columbia, SC

Also, if you'd like to run for office please contact Haley Hoang ( by Friday, April 24th.

Dinner will be provided, but any additional dishes, drinks, or snacks are welcome.

See y'all there!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Remaining Events!

Below is a list of the remaining VSA meetings and events. We've added a few things to the original calendar so please take a look.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break. Please stay safe, relax, and have FUN! See y'all when we get back.

Mar.17 St. Patty’s Day Pot Luck
-South Quad Lounge; 8:30pm

Mar.24 VSA Meeting
-RH 205; 8:30pm

Mar.26 VSA Bake Sale
-Greene St.; 11am-3pm

Apr.03 Relay for Life
-Blatt fields; 7pm-7am

Apr.05 VSA Picnic
-Sesquicentennial Park; noon

Apr.07 VSA Asian Awareness Month Food Sale
-Greene St.; 11am-3pm

Apr.07 VSA Meeting
-RH 205; 8:30pm

Apr.11 UGA's "A Dinner to Die For" Charity Fundraiser
-UGA's Memorial Ballroom; 7pm

Apr.17 uVSA Olympics Opening Ceremony

Apr.18 uVSA Olympics

Apr.21 Last VSA Meeting!

Apr.26 VSA Awards Dinner
-Pho Viet or Long's House; 7pm

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came to VSA Culture Call and a big thanks to all of our members who worked so very hard to put on a great show!

Fundraising results from the show will be announced at our next meeting, Tuesday March 3rd at 8:30 in Russell House 205.

Thanks again y'all!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February Meeting Minutes

We are in full VSA CULTURE CALL mode! Our semi-formal and cultural variety show is in less than two weeks! =O

For everyone involved in the show (in any way), please remember:

Friday, Feb 27th : FULL Rehearsal
-7pm to 11pm
-Strom room 127/128
-This is a dress rehearsal, so bring along all costumes, dresses, and props.

Saturday, Feb 28th : Show Set-Up
-please arrive at 1pm to help with the set-up
-show rehearsal will begin at 3pm
-Russell House Ballroom

And now, because we want to fill up the ballroom with as many beautiful faces as possible, a little more advertising...

VSA CULTURE CALL: A Semi-Formal & Cultural Variety Show
-Put on by the Vietnamese Student Association @ the University of South Carolina
-Saturday, February 28th, 2009
-6:30 pm (please be ON-TIME, remember... the food is on a first come, first serve basis!)
-Russell House Ballroom (1400 Greene St., Columbia, SC)

We will also be selling this year's t-shirts for $10 at the show! Don't miss out on these awesome t-shirts! (Or you can also use your money to donate to the cause!)

Please come support!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1st Meeting Minutes

Thank you to everyone who came out tonight! Below is the tentative schedule of this semester's VSA events as discussed during the meeting.


VSA Culture Call: Semi-Formal & Cultural Variety Show dance practices are EVERY Monday at 9pm and Wednesday at 8pm in the Blatt Aerobic room.

Greenville Tet Fashion Show Rehearsal is tomorrow, Wednesday at 9:30pm in the Blatt Aerobic room. Bring your ao dai!

VSA Schedule of Events:

1.21 Student Orgs. Fair (Greene St; 11am-2pm)
1.24 Greenville Tet
1.27 VSA Food Night
-South Quad Lounge; 8:30pm
1.31 Clayton State Charity Dinner
2.03 VSA Meeting
-RH 205; 8:30pm
2.12 Valentine’s Day Social
-South Quad Lounge; 8:30pm
2.17 VSA Meeting
-RH 302; 8:30pm
2.27 VSA Show Rehearsal
-7pm to 11pm
-Strom Multi 127/128
2.28 VSA Culture Call: Semi-Formal & Cultural Variety Show
-Russell House Ballroom; 6:30pm
3.03 VSA Meeting
-RH 205; 8:30pm
3.17 St. Patty’s Day Pot Luck
-South Quad Lounge; 8:30pm
3.24 VSA Meeting
-RH 205; 8:30pm
4.03 Relay for Life
-Blatt fields; 7pm-7am
4.05 VSA Picnic
-Sesquicentennial Park; noon
4.07 VSA Meeting
-RH 205; 8:30pm
4.17 uVSA Olympics Opening Ceremony
4.18 uVSA Olympics
4.21 Last VSA Meeting!
4.26 VSA Awards Dinner
-Pho Viet; 7pm

7.30 – 8.2 uNAVSA Conference

Any questions, please email: or contact any of the officers.

Monday, January 19, 2009

1st Meeting of Spring Semester!

Welcome back to another exciting semester of VSA! Our first meeting will be on Tuesday, January 20th at 8:30pm in the Russell House University Union Room 205. We have a lot of events and shows coming up so please join us to find out what great things we have in the works!

See y'all there!

Monday, December 1, 2008

December Meeting Reminder

Our December Meeting, which doubles as our Christmas Mixer, will be Tuesday, December 2nd at 8pm in Calcott Room 003. Come out and join us!

Please bring along a $5 gift, wrapped or in a bag, to participate in the gift exchange.

Food and drinks will be provided, though y'all are always welcomed to bring along any treats you'd like to share. =D

See y'all there!

(Also, thanks to everyone who came to the VSA Thanksgiving Dinner. The food was abundant and delicious! Thanks to everyone who contributed!)